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The stay

In our building there are 3 rooms available to let. You may see details of the rooms in the following photos. During your stay you will have rich traditional breakfast, with local recipies. There is a sheared kitchen at your disposal where you can prepare meals or coffe / tea etc. The same building is the residence of the owners (separated space), where you will have the opportunity to admire samples of the popular decorating and architectural art from Zagori. There is always availave spacious parking for your vehicle.

For any information, please contact us.

From our rooms

From our rooms

Another room

The traditional decoration

The interior

Owners room
(not available for guests)

'Erasmia' Rooms
Erasmia Deligiani
Tsepelovo, Zagori (Greece)
Tel. +30 26530.81232
E-mail: fotisdeligiannis@yahoo.gr

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